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Day #1 & #2 – Whole 30

In the midst of my breakup/moving/ready for a change brain, I decided it would be great to do a drastic overhaul on my health. Which is good timing considering I had basically nothing in my new mini fridge clad studio apartment in my dad’s garage. It’s actually a lot nicer than it sounds but that’s for another day. The pantry consisted of some not Whole 30 approved flour and raw sugar for my tea, and also some sweetened almond milk. I put those on the very tip top shelf that I cannot even reach and left it at that. Then I had a couple of awesome workouts – 

Day 0 – Kettlebells with some friends at a local park 

Day 1 – Kayaking with friends who had never been before. Needless to say this was a short trip out on the water, especially after one friend decided the beautiful dolphin I saw was actually a shark – it wasn’t, but she watched too much Shark Week so that was the end of that. But we did spend a considerable amount of time loading and unloading three 60lb kayaks so I consider it a successful workout. Also the day felt awesome. I packed a delicious lunch, drank tons of water, came home and did a wayyy to expensive shopping trip for things like almond flour, and coconut oil, etc… 

Day 2 – Feels exactly like day two. And it’s only 10am. I thought it was from the awesome workout I had the past two days and possibly not quite enough water. But no, I’ve been chugging down the water like it’s beer at a keg party. Good to know it’s the average feeling for this point. Looking forward to later in the month when I’ll feel awesome again. In the meantime it’s protein and veggies for breakfast and then off to work for the mid-shift. Praying this headache will GO AWAY soon. 

End of the Day Edit:
My headache did NOT go away, in fact as the morning tore on I contemplated calling in sick but decided to try having one small plum before giving up on the day entirely (Okay I probably wouldn’t have called in, but it was bad people. The plum definitely made the headachy/hungover feeling quite a bit better which just convinced me that my body has indeed been addicted to sugar. Also the plum was the most delicious plum I had ever tasted. You guys, there is nothing like fruit when it’s the only sugar you’re allowed to eat and even then only in small quantities. Also today is still day 2. We shall see what Day 3 brings.

In the meantime it’s off to bed for me if I’m going to go through with any of my goals for the month. #1 included more sleep at more reasonable hours.


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National Coming Out Day. 10/11/12

Stopping by to say a quick “Happy National Coming Out Day!”

On Sunday K and I will celebrate three years together. I will not say that every day has been wonderful, we have had our fair share of hospital stays, and out-of-state moves, of confusion and frustration, and through it all we love each other deeply. We make each other laugh, we can still make each other smile until our cheeks hurt from smiling, we can cry and scream and lean on each other. At the end of the day we support each other fully. Our relationship is not perfect, none are, but we keep going, every day. So on this National Coming Out Day, I just want to say, I love you K. Thank you for loving me.

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October 11, 2012 · 11:10 pm