About the Author

The author of this blog is in their mid-twenties. Recently Domesticated (Domestic Partnership). Lived the first 20 in southern California, the next one in po-dunk middle of nowhere eastern shore of Maryland, the following in the beautiful state of Washington and back to California. Pronouns sometimes confuse this… person? This person also gets random things mixed up or forgets them all-together, pronouns and names being major difficulties for reasons unknown. The author thinks highly of talking in the third person and laughing at their own not-funny jokes, obviously taking after their father. This blog shall be for the most part narcissistic in nature and most likely only for the author’s amusement and thought organization/recall (remember the memory problems mentioned above?) The author would like to point out that it goes completely off topic on numerous occasions, usually when attempting to process ideas.

Oh and alright, this person happens to have been born a very cute curly-headed girl, who now has a hard time remembering which gender they prefer, and sometimes is quite sure it’s one or the other, and sometimes doesn’t believe in any of it.


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