Day 4 – Oh yeah I have to plan meals in this kitchen?!

So I breezed through the headache day and got that over with. Feeling somewhat tired but not more than normal. I’m feeling alright, I know I’m not at the “aha!” moment yet, but just feeling day 2 was reason enough to keep going. What I’m struggling with now is how to prepare meals/stock my kitchen when I live in a studio. Now I know you might be thinking studio = there’s still a kitchen, and there is, kind of. There is technically cupboard space, I have four built in shelves and I’m using a bookcase as my pantry, so that’s not really the problem so much as making/storing food after it’s made. I have a two burner stove, a sink about the same size, a toaster oven, a crockpot and a MINI FRIDGE. I’m having a love/hate relationship with it at the moment. On the one hand, it keeps me from making new food when there is plenty of good food in the fridge, on the other hand my freezer is TINY (one of these days I’ll post a picture of my tiny kitchen/living area). So at the moment I’m either stuck eating the same thing every day or attempting to re-configure the same meal ten different ways which has been fine, but there is only so much chicken and veggies one can eat when it’s the same chicken and veggies. I did make a pretty awesome omelet on accident this morning. 

two eggs

little bit of ghee



The end.

I was planning on scrambled eggs and adding some other veggies but I was running late and trying to do too many things at once so it turned into a very simple but delicious breakfast omelet. 

Now a friend is on her way over so we can do some meal planning together. She’s on Day 3. Any tips for us?


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