One Year Later.

This blog was not supposed to be my “down in the dumps” go-to, but lately, I just can’t help it. I know eventually we’ll get through this. “We” will become “she” and “I”, individuals simply moving through space hopefully near each other’s galaxies, hopefully friends. Today is supposed to be our one-year anniversary of signing our domestic partnership paperwork, one year since our parents cried happy joyous tears in officially welcoming the other as their family. Family. I thought this would last forever. Some moments I catch glimpses of our love and think maybe this is still real. Maybe this is not the end. Or maybe I’m just writing another breakup poem and my heart just needs time to heal. 

She says she think I’m “over it.” But inside I’m just protecting my already broken heart, and maybe even though we said forever, this is the best way to support each other. To let each other go. To find our spirit path. To break free of whatever holds us back. And she’s keeping the dog. That I fought so hard to get in the first place. She understands him. Me, maybe I need a cat that will curl up with me, just as easily as they will be strong and independent while I’m gone. 


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