Class. Gym. Class. Scarf down lunch. Repair rock chip. Interview caretakers. smog check. bank. Dinner? taxes. Homework. Pack. Sleep. Breakfast/homework. Class. Gym. Sign lease. Move some furniture. Taxes. Dinner. Homework? Sleep. Class. Lunch. Dentist. Sell truck. It’s a busy three days. Who decided to sign a lease/sell the beloved truck/interview caretakers and put off taxes until RIGHT before financial aid forms are due?! This crazy person, that’s who. In addition I would like to mention Taxes for a newly partnered twosome are no fun. There are no good rules about how to do this. The tax preparers were more confused than we were and said we should come back today when the “domestic partnership expert” will be here. Awesome. So we’ll hopefully head back tonight. I shouldn’t even be on the computer right now. Good day to y’all!

In other news I’m going back to work soon.


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