Pros and Cons

Okay, I really suck at sticking to a writing program. I really wish I would but I don’t so those of you who read this if there is anybody, will have to stick with these occasional off-topic rambles. I apologize.

I had to get a new hard drive which took three weeks because tech support for dell does not speak English. I really wish they would teach their employees the language but it’s quite apparent they do not. Oh well. So new hard drive in hand, one month before my warranty expires we hope nothing else bad happens to the laptop.

In other news, fiancée got into UW-Tacoma for grad school and is applying to a school in my hometown as well. We’re attempting to figure out which place would be better for us and which school would be better for her… Weighing the pros and cons:

UW – Tacoma

  • Don’t have to move, or move is less than 45 minutes away.
  • Easily recognizable degree – Master’s in Social Work
  • She’s already accepted into the program.
  • Remain on our own, continue moving forward building our life. Especially after we get married.
  • Don’t have to sell/put stuff in storage
  • Higher minimum wage – good while we’re both in school.
  • Lower price of living v. California.
  • I could start school immediately after current contract ends in September.

Pacifica Graduate Institute

  • Free room – Could save approx $900/month on rent & utilities
  • No more date night dinners at home living with grandparents.
  • Could help aging grandparents around the house/with the dogs, dinners etc.
  • My support system – friends, family already in place.
  • Program more designed for what fiancée wants to do
  • Could move after we get married to somewhere cheaper – Ventura/Santa Maria, would make it a longer commute but only necessary three days per month.
  • I would have to wait to go back to school until January

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