Engaged and Moving Across Country

I did it! I proposed and it was perfect and I am so in love. I won’t go in to all the hairy details unless people ask because that would take too long and right now I am simultaneously procrastinating packing because we are moving across country in a little over a week! Let’s just say she cried happy tears the whole way home and there will be photographic evidence of the proposal in a couple of weeks and leave it at that?

I must be really lucky to have found someone this amazing and supportive and all around awesome to be with. I can’t wait to share our lives together and I swore this post was going to be about stresses that we have in moving as a newly engaged gay couple as individuals, I was going to talk about things I find infuriating and sometimes amazing depending on my mood… like how people have to ask if it’s legal in the state we’re moving to (Answer: No, but domestic partnership is), if we want to have kids, who would have the kids (Sometimes I think this is an attempt to figure out who is the man/woman in the relationship) and the answer is…. COMPLICATED. And no it cannot be answered in the two minutes we have to talk about it.

I’m not going to talk about that tonight though. I’m just going to say that I’m in love and so lucky to have such an amazing fiance and such an amazing support system all around us.


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